Temporary relocation from July

Dear all the Muay family.

Firstly, we feel deeply sorry and would like to express sincere condolences for many losses to our family especially in the past few years. We’ve lost the most loved and respected masters, students, friends and families, important ones to many of you. The world has been challenging to all of us in different forms.

We’ve been slowly preparing for our next chapter, and finally we are start making steps forward. The world has started to opening up and we cannot wait to train with many of you in Thailand or in your counties soon.

But first, we would like to announce you our temporary relocation.

Kru Suphan will be in Japan from the end of June for a year (may be a little longer than 1 year). His training base will be in Japan, so you would like to train with kru Suphan, until end of 2023, please come to Japan for the training.

For any details and inquiry regarding training in Japan, please feel free to contact from the form in the website.

Kru Suphan is also available for training in Bangkok while he is in Thailand until 24th June.

Again, we are so excited to show you our next move coming up soon with our future project.

Thank you always for your love, respect and passion for the art.

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon, and hoping to see you in Japan*!

* Japan is currently closed for tourists due to COVID-19. Please check the latest update and Japanese policy on the Japanese travel information or embassy website.

Muay Thai Chaiyo!

Training location:

until 20th June / Thailand

July on wards till end of 2023 / Tokyo, Japan