Private & Group

Learn the traditional art of Muay Thai Boran

Learn and develop the 9th weapon,

the most important and powerful weapon of Muay Thai…

Training is intensive and all classes are directly taught by kru Suphan. Training is conceptual like brain training while physically working and sweating. Kru Suphan will teach you and explain, answers to all your questions. You will learn ideas and techniques that you can use to keep training and improve yourself… No martial arts can be learned in short time. Learning Muay Thai Boran is a long-term study and reviewing and repeating is the most important and effective way to learn Muay Thai Boran.


Muay Thai Boran and Muay Thai for Amateur or Professional

Learn traditional Muay Thai Boran, a martial art, the roots of Muay Thai sport today. Through the course, you can learn not only techniques of Muay Thai but also knowledge and discipline, Thai culture and language, helping you know Muay Thai more in depth.

If you have experience already, kru Suphan’s explanation will help making sense to all your techniques, understanding further develop your skills and techniques.

However, no experience is needed and there is no age restriction. You will build good foundation with kru Suphan, leaning how to stand, move, attack and defend well and effectively. When you reach certain level, Muay Boran forms and techniques (ancient style movements) can be introduced. Kru Suphan will go through every step with you and anyone can learn the art!


Training at Be Muay

Currently at Be Muay, there is no daily or regular group class.

All trainings are delivered and taught directly by kru Suphan and by appointment only. If you are coming alone, please see private/personal training, if you are coming as a group, please see below price for your reference.

Training hours

Daily between 9:00 to 20:00


Be Muay Kru Suphan, Bangkok

  • Personal / Private

    For all beginners to experienced professionals

  • 2,500B / hour

  • All standard class at Be Muay is one on one session with kru Suphan.

  • Program can be arranged and flexible for personal needs. Very informative, deep insight and knowledge about the art, focus on every detail of techniques. One hour can change your understanding of the art and your weapons.

  • Small Group

    If you are with group of people, you can book a session as a group

  • 1,300B per person for group of 2
  • 1,000B per person for group of 3~6
  • Group of 7 up, please contact.

  • Learn together as a team yet a session is as intensive as personal and you will have access to deep insight of the art and culture. Group class with kru Suphan is a lot of fun while improving your basic skill and overall performance without realizing it.

  • Local Class

    Local evening class for those living in Thailand

  • 500B / session

  • Weekly evening class for locals living in Thailand.

  • The purpose of the class focus more on fitness and exercise using Muay Thai Boran.

  • Throughout the class, you can exercise, learn the art and culture and develop your Muay Thai skills and techniques.

  • Other Options?

    Please contact us for any specific or designed training to suit your needs

  • We are open to all students and your requests.

  • We are here to support your passion to learn the art.

  • Are you interested in the art?
  • Then your next action is first to speak with us!
  • Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

*Price and program above may change anytime without prior notice