Happy New Year and the Plan for 2023

A Happy New Year 2023. We hope you the best year ever to come.. with a good health and strength, a days with smiles, happiness and exciting challenges.

It almost feels like only a few months for the past two years. But we will continue to learn and share kru Suphan’s experience and philosophy of Muay Thai Boran, deliver Thailand and Thai culture to many of you!

As we announced earlier last year, kru Suphan will be in Japan for the year of 2023. We will have classes time to time in Tokyo, and opens for private trainings.

If you are visiting Tokyo, please drop us a mail so you can join a class or we can set up a class, or we will be more than happy to meet you and chat with you over a cup of coffee! (any advice requests for Tokyo trip is also welcome)

Note: For 2023, we have a planned seminar in Brazil in November. More information to be announced.

We hope to see many of you this year!