We Learn Muay Thai to Be Muay!!

Welcome to Be Muay Kru Suphan.

Our mission is to conserve and promote the art and culture of Thailand through training and seminars. Muay Thai Boran is a living art and we promote the art in traditional way as well as new ways.


There are many different martial arts in the world.

There are a lot of different reasons to learn martial arts.

However, what runs at its core is always the same and there’s something good that can be applied to our life.


It’s an art and a way of life.


“Be(ing) Muay” by kru Suphan’s philosophy means to connect and unite body and mind as one, so you can think and react, you can make decisions and move at different situations, while being a good lister and observer at the same time.

Think and react fast is important on the ring but also our daily life.

Becoming Muay is becoming a good person who is respectful, responsive, good listener and confidence.


Muay Thai is often called as a powerful fighting technique or skills. But Muay Thai is not for aggressive fighting but for protecting yourself and important ones and fight back when its necessary.


Lesson is available for personal to large group seminars for any type of organization.

Learning with kru Suphan is a meaningful lesson to all types of people with different purposes.