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Happy New Year and the Plan for 2023

A Happy New Year 2023. We hope you the best year ever to come.. with a good health and strength, a days with smiles, happiness and exciting challenges. It almost feels like only a few months for the past two years. But we will continue to learn and share kru Suphan’s experience and philosophy of…


Mexico seminar in November

The very first international seminar after the arrival of the pandemic is scheduled in Mexico in November 2022. Towards the seminar, we’ve had an interview with media called GLADIADORES EXTREMOS. You can see the interview from here (facebook) Special thanks to kru Oliver Guerrero Diaz for making this seminar possible. Kru (Master) Muaythai Association for…

Relocation to Tokyo

Temporary relocation from July

Dear all the Muay family. Firstly, we feel deeply sorry and would like to express sincere condolences for many losses to our family especially in the past few years. We’ve lost the most loved and respected masters, students, friends and families, important ones to many of you. The world has been challenging to all of…

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“Be Muay” is Kru Suphan’s teaching philosophy.
Everyone has different reason and purpose to learn the art and becoming Muay is the very first step of what it takes to achieve your goals.


Listening is an important skill in daily life. You need to keep paying attention to catch information to help you make the right decision and movement.


Think before make action because your move will lead the other to make action. Excess move may end up you getting hurt.


If you really understand something, you can explain and express that to others in your words.


The very first step of effective self-defense is to look around and observe. Meditation and concentration will naturally take you away from dangers.


Fighters make a decision and move in less than a second. Quick decision and movement change the game and the same applies in our daily life.


A good person never forget to respect others.


Culture forms the way we think and how we act. Culture is the root but also the future. We all need to respect and learn the culture to keep the good culture.


When you feel you know and you can, you feel confident. Confidence will give you a power and is another important skill for self-defense.


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