Private & Group

Learn and develop the 9th weapon,

the most important and powerful weapon of Muay Thai…

Muay Thai Boran and Muay Thai for Amateur or Professional

Learn traditional Muay Thai Boran, a martial art, the roots of Muay Thai sport today. Through the course, you can learn not only techniques of Muay Thai but also knowledge and discipline, Thai culture and language, helping you know Muay Thai more in depth.

If you have experience already, kru Suphan’s explanation will help making sense to all your techniques, understanding further develop your skills and techniques.

Who can learn Muay Thai Boran?
It’s for anyone!

No experience is needed and there is no age restriction. You will build good foundation with kru Suphan, leaning how to stand, move, attack and defend and move smart and efficiently.

Grading and certification

All the lessons are applicable for grading and certification after training certain period. With that or without, Kru Suphan will go through every step with you and anyone can learn the art!

Be Muay training options in Japan in 2023

All trainings are delivered and taught directly by kru Suphan.

Reservation site will be opening soon (end of January)

*Price and program above may change anytime without prior notice

*We are open to all students and your requests. If you don’t see your desired program, please contact us!